Organizing the Hot Spots

Darla from Heartwork Organizing is guest posting for me today.  I am a little late in posting this for her, but am truly excited and blessed to have her here. Be sure to check out all her organizing tips, as well as so many other great topics/themes. So here you go... Organizing the Hot … Continue reading

Hamper Makeover

This is what my hamper looked like prior to the makeover! It had been in my closet, tucked away.  So it didn't matter that it was so plain and boring...because no one could see it. However, if you recall, I Re-Dressed my Dresser and placed that dresser in the spot where the hamper was … Continue reading

Dresser Re-Dressed

My closet is packed to the top.  I have started, slowly, organizing and cleaning out.  But I still have a lot of stuff!  I'll post the closet transformation later since its still a work in progress. In the meantime, again, because I still have a lot of stuff, I wanted to find a dresser that … Continue reading

Office Dilemma

Ok...I have this dilemma.  We only have 1 guest room and this weekend we had family come and visit from Alabama  for Emma's birthday!  Well...with only 1 guest room and 5 people can imagine...a bit of an issue. One of the 5 (a little girl a year older than Emma) shared the bed … Continue reading