New Addition

Guess what?!??! We are Expecting a New Addition! So that is why I have been Missing in Action these last few weeks.  I have been sick as a dog.  My main focus has been my Traditional Sales Career and Blogging/Social Media has been when I can find the energy to accomplish. While this was … Continue reading

Day 1: The Challenge

The Challenge I am so excited, a bit nervous, quite frankly, to participate in this challenge. But I have decided that I am up for it. What is the challenge?  If you saw my Landing Page Post last night, it is a 31 day series that the Nester at Nesting Place created.  The series requires … Continue reading

31 Days to Find My Way

The Nester (Myquillyn) at Nesting Place is sponsoring a challenge in which we must choose a topic and write for 31 straight days! Yes...31 days!! 31 Days to Find My Way One Topic Crazy!!!!!!!!! First post will be more of an introduction to the challenge itself. Will go live tomorrow, … Continue reading

The Other Side of Doing It All!!

It wasn't too long ago that I wrote an editorial Can Women Do It All.  Shortly thereafter, I posted the raw Q&A entitled, The Woman Who Does It All. The interview sparked some comments.  Some of the questions that were asked were: What about the mom that has to work a lot? the mom … Continue reading

What’s on the Horizon S’Editorial

I am going to make this short and sweet this evening.  So I guess its not really an Editorial, but I wanted to let you know whats been going on these past few weeks and Whats on the Horizon. When I first started blogging, I was posting every day, twice a day.  Then I backed down to once a day. … Continue reading