Halloween Decor

I do not use Halloween decor in my home, as you know already from my previous posts!

But I stopped by a friends house this weekend and fell in love with what she did in the yard.  She does decorate each year, but this one is by far, her best.

I thought I would share just in case you needed any last minute inspiration before those Trick or Treaters stop by on Thursday!

Since I am taking Emma there to Trick or Treat, I will take night pics and post on Friday as I am sure as it will look so much more Spectacular in the dark, with the lights.

Until then…in the Daylight…

Street view

halloween front

I know!  I know!  Can’t really tell how fabulous it is in this picture above so here are some close-ups!

halloween collage

My favorite, by far, is the skeleton.

halloween favorite


And I love the pumpkins, whether wooden or decorated by the family!

halloween 2 pics

So if you haven’t done any decorating yet, you better get moving.  And send those pictures to me to feature here!  I have to live vicariously through you.  Maybe next year!

And see you back here on Friday for the Night pictures!



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