Costumes at The Craftiest Allie

Its about that time!!

And man are costumes getting more and more expensive!  Geesh!  What happened to the days when you could get an entire outfit for $25, maybe $30??!?!?

Now they are like $60-$100!  Insane!

But I know where you can find some great prices and selections for Halloween Costumes.

Whether you need:

a Handmade Tutu


Complete Fairy Outfit



costume witch



or Adult

costume adult

Allie has them at The Craftiest Allie.

Costume Ad

Check out her site!  She only has a few left!

I know!  I know!  Halloween is still a few weeks away!  So get over there ASAP!!  Prices are great!

Random Thought

I couldn’t help but think of the Black Eyed Pea costume just now!

Remember?  The one where you painted a black circle around your eye and taped the letter “P” on your shirt! Know which one I am referencing?!?!  Black-eyed Pea?!?!  Ha!  I actually love that one!

Since I don’t have any images of my own and the ones I could find were all of people that I don’t know so I can’t ask their permission to use, I am providing a generic link to find some pics.  Just in case you have never seen the Black Eyed Pea costume.

Black Eyed Pea Images found on Google

Your challenge is to start thinking about Halloween Costumes now instead of waiting until the last minute! Good luck!


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