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As you already know…Thursday are Blog Tip Days!  For the past few weeks I have been posting the tips myself, but it is really going to be a team of us that will be sharing our Tips and Tricks Every Blogger Should Know!

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We have some great things planned and I cannot wait to share all the details with you over the next week or so, to include introducing you to the team!

In the meantime Allie from Crafty Allie, one of the Blogaholic Contributors, is visiting here at Denise Designed to share her one of her Tips and Tricks…

How to Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More!


You’ve spent so much time on your blog,but your viewing statistics are low. What do you do? How do you keep readers on your page and coming back for more?

With social media and link parties, getting readers to your site is the easy part, however keeping them is the real challenge.

Great content is an obvious choice. You’ve got to keep their ADD minds wanting more, because lets face it, even the most attentive readers lose interest easily.

1. Update your blog with new content/posts. Make sure you publish a new post at least 3 times a week. I can’t tell you how important that is. I know, I know its so hard sometimes to find the time to write a new post, but when a new reader is directed to your site and then sees that you haven’t blogged in a while, they are more likely to leave.

It not only says” I’m too busy too blog” But is also shows lack of enthusiasm for your blog, meaning that the rest of your blog could possibly BLAH.

2. Linkwithin! That’s right, I made it a statement all its own. Its a easy to use and best of all FREE. Ever see at the bottom of someone’s post those little thumbnails that entice you to want to click on them? That’s my point, their almost irresistible. Giving your readers more to interact with will give them a reason to stay longer. 

Most plug-ins apps allow for customization as well. You can decide how it chooses the posts based on content, title, tags, etc.

3. Add links within your blog to direct them to other posts. For example, I decide to do a furniture re-do making homemade chalk paint. Oh wait a minute, I’ve already shown how to make this. Instead of repeating the recipe, I say “To find out how to make this chalk paint, click here. 

Did you notice? I just linked up twice in that paragraph, back to my chalk paint recipe. So now if you want to find out how to make it, you can [insert giggles]!

4. Suggest another post. I don’t do this on every single posts, but I do on most of them. At the end of the post I will say something like “Did you miss this post?” Then I’ll add the lead photo, that has the title on it, and link it back to that post. All they have to do is click on it and the clicks just keep on coming. You’re basically suggesting that they keep reading, and therefor, you are inviting them to click on that link.

5. Upload instructional videos. If you’ve ever been on my site, you’ll see that if I can’t explain it clearly, I’ll include a video as well. It doesn’t have to be your video. I will say, here’s a video by the Crochet Geek that explains it better. Then simply go to that video, click share and then click on embedded code, and then apply it as a HTML code on your post. It’s that simple, and trust me videos just make more sense to people.

I myself am a very much hands on person. I can copy almost anything if someone is showing me step by step on a video. Not all of your readers will want to see the video, so make sure to still take clean, crisp photos of the step by step process along with a clear explanation of how to do the project.

6. Separate long projects into more than one post. Coming hopefully very soon, I intend on doing a bathroom makeover. I have so many things to do to this project. Instead of doing one big post, I will break it up. Part 1 will be the before picture and I’ll point out all the things I want to change in the bathroom. Part 2 will be How to remove wall paper. Part 3 will be how to repaint your existing  fixtures. I  think you get the part, I mean point, lol.

Separating each bathroom project into several posts will not only give you more content, but it will also encourage your reader to click on each post.

The bottom line is, we all put a lot of time into our blog. Maybe its a personal blog or its your business, but either way, we want to know people are reading our content and coming back for more and more. By following those steps you can see an increase in your viewing statistics, and you’ll be able to take pride and all the hard work you’ve put into your blog.

Thanks so much for joining me today! If you haven’t already read Denise’s previous Blog Tips, you might want to now.

Oh look did I just invite you to keep reading?

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    thanks ladies! I’m returning to blogging after two years off and it has changed so much. It’s my personal goal to really make a go at it this time, I so enjoy it and it really helps my creative outlet. Thanks so much for the great tips…. I will keep reading!
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