Christmas Home Tour

If you recall, I shared my Christmas Mantel Decor with you yesterday.

christmas mantel feature Christmas Home Tour

And today I am sharing my Christmas Home Tour!!!

christmas home tour feature 488x500 Christmas Home Tour

So Welcome!!!

home tour welcome Christmas Home Tour

And yes…Fruitcakes allowed.  Ha!  Most days I feel like a fruitcake myself.  Love the pillow and was a fabulous find in an antique shop that I couldn’t pass up.  Having some character in your design is definitely important.

However, this pillow isn’t the only one that I added to my collection for the holidays.

christmas home tour pillows 500x500 Christmas Home Tour

I kept some of my everyday pillows still out, I just had to mix in the Christmas ones.  I wish I would have done a better job of taking a picture of the solid red one with the little bit of red/white stripe showing.  I will have to do that later and add to the post.

In the meantime, the pillows don’t actually look that nice most of the time.  Andreas complains that there are too many of them so they get tossed all around while he puts his feet up on the coffee table.

christmas home tour coffee table Christmas Home Tour

Its adorned with the Advent Wreath that I showed you how to do in a previous post.

And while relaxing on the couch, not only can we enjoy our mantel, but we can also admire Emma’s Tree.

christmas home tour emma tree Christmas Home Tour

Ok…maybe not “admire”.  But it is fun to see her decorating skills.  As you can see she originally hung them all in one spot.  I was able to balance out and disperse them more evenly.  That only really lasted a short time though before she played with them again.  Too funny!  I love her.

We have a family tree as well but it is not decorated as it is normally.

christmas home tour tree 340x500 Christmas Home Tour

In fact, I should really be embarrassed that it looks so terrible.  But this year we are celebrating Christmas in Germany and because I like a real tree and we still have to come back to Santa, I didn’t want to hang too many decorations for fear that it might not look so good when we returned. Next year it will be better and I will be sure to share!  I wish I had a picture of last years.  Definitely a good one.

I did hang the Retro Ornaments, although you can’t see them very well here.

retro final2 500x500 Christmas Home Tour

I do love them and they look fabulous on the tree.

Alright…moving on…

In order to put my tree in the foyer area, I had to move all of Emma’s stuff out of that space.  You will have to check out the before In the Home Tour Entryway Post.  And in place of the bookshelf and baby doll furniture, I hung the Advent Activities Calendar that I showed you how to replicate yourself.

christmas home tour advent calendar 500x500 Christmas Home Tour

And as you are standing in the Entryway, you have a great view of the Dining Room…my favorite Christmas Designed Space.

christmas home tour dining Christmas Home Tour

I love the Christmas Wall Design that I shared on the blog.

christmas wall design 500 498x500 Christmas Home Tour

In the next week, I will also share with you, in more detail, the dining room table.

But for now, I will leave you with just a few more pictures of some accessories that I added to the overall design.

christmas home tour collage 500x500 Christmas Home Tour

I love Christmas and I had a lot of fun decorating.  Stay tuned for more.

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everything christmas tour new 333x500 Christmas Home Tour

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Share it Sunday Feature 5001 500x500 Christmas Home Tour

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 Christmas Home Tour


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      I will be just outside of Frankfurt. If they have any still left after Christmas out…I can pick one up. Given the circumstances, I probably won’t have the time to go shopping before Christmas. But I will look after. Just tell me max amount to spend. And thanks for the comments on my burlap wall designs. I love those myself.
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