Its Summer Time

It is Summer time! Oh yes it is!  Can you believe it?  The cold weather is finally gone (at least here in Houston) and its time to lay out in the sun, get a tan, grill, swim, nurture your vegetable and flower gardens and just enjoy the outdoors.

Do you have your own little oasis to help you enjoy your time at home and outside?

If you don’t, why don’t you?  You can design your exterior as you do your interior.  And I don’t mean that whatever design style or theme has to be extended fully to your backyard.  But I do mean that you can design it such that it does reflect you, your style, and what you enjoy most about the outdoors.

Stop by the Potterybarn blog and check out:

5 Simple Tips For Styling a Summer Outdoor Space

Now that I have some furniture that I like, its about finding the unique pieces that truly reflect my design…the small things or finishing touches:

the small things

Image from

If you do have a space, share with us.  Send us some pics!

Your challenge is to pour yourself a cup of coffee, brew a tea, pour a glass of milk, or whatever you enjoy in the mornings and go sit on your back porch.

Think about what you love most.  Look around your space.  What is it missing?  What would make it more inviting?

Write that one thing down and go buy, make or put on your wishlist for the future.

Its your space.  Design it!

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